Timeline and Acronyms

Believe it or not, but my 27 month journey began before I flew to Cameroon. Here is short timeline of the life before and during my Peace Corps service.

9.30.2012 //  Peace Corps application is submitted
12.19.2012 //  Interview with Regional Representative in Chicago, IL
12.19.2012 // Nominated for an assignment in health with tentative departure in June 2013
2.27.2013 // Medically and legally pre-screened
3.8.2013 // Invited to serve as a Community Health Educator in Cameroon with a departure date of September
3.13.2013 // Invitation accepted
7.29.2013 // Final medical clearance received
9.11.2013 // Pre-service training in Philadelphia, PA
9.12.2013 // Flight to Cameroon
9.13.2013 - 9.17.2013 // Orientation in Yaoundé, Cameroon
9.18.2013 – 11.13.2013 // Pre-service Training in Bokito, Cameroon as a Peace Corps Trainee
11.20.2013 // Officially sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer
11.21.2013 – 7.30.2014 // Peace Corps Service in Lomie, East
7.30.2014 // Evacuated from Lomie due to Security Reasons
8.1.2014  - 10.1.2014 // Transitional Life in Bertoua
10.1.2014 - 10.17.2015 // Peace Corps Service in Ngatt, Adamawa
10.17.2015 - 10.23.2015 // COS Week

A C R O N Y M S    E X P L A I N E D

PCT // Peace Corps Trainee
PCV // Peace Corps Volunteer
PST // Pre-Service Training
IST // In-Service Training
COS // Close of Service
CFA // CFA frac ("say-fa") - local currency
CD // Country Director
PM // Program Manager (mine is Sylvie)
YD // Youth Development
HE // Health
ENV // Agro/environment
CED // Community Economic Development
Post // The town of my 2-year placement
Case // ("Cause") Provincial PCV-Cameroon Transit House


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