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Hello/Bonjour, my name is Karen Kilberg and I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Cameroon (2013-2015), where I served in Lomie, East Region and Ngatt, Adamaoua Region. Prior to Peace Corps I received my B.A. in International Studies with a concentration in Africa: People, Politics, Conflict, and Humanitarian Aid, as well as a double minor in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies and Political Science from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.  

Over the years my travels have taken me to Sierra Leone, South Korea, Austria, France, Hungary, England, China, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Morocco, and, of course, Cameroon.

This blog has been in operation long before my Peace Corps service, so on here you will also find achieved posts about African music, African politics, humanitarian aid and development, just as after my completion of the Peace Corps you will find non-Peace Corps posts. 


This blog is meant to record and share our own personal experiences, ramblings, and anecdotes as I serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon.  In no way does this blog represent the views of the United States Government, Peace Corps, the Republic of Cameroon, or any other person or organization mentioned herein.


  1. Fronswah9.6.10

    Karen! If you ever in doubt of how effective you are,simply look at the lives you have touched and that includes mine... You are helping me me mentally, visually and spiritually to return home...I've been gone for so long, having live in the US longer than my own home all through no fault of my own...My father died and buried and didn't even know about it, my church, The Holy Trinity Church in Kissy Road burnt down by rebels...I can go on, and on, but will only tear me up, I have to forgive, no matter how far down I fell, must try to get up and dust myself to move on... no one cares, but folks like you, and I am not expecting them to, they have theirs to tend to...I just happened to have been born in a continent that's been used and abused by both those within and outside of it.
    So when I look back at my life, I have no other choice, but to either seek knowledge to help or hold arms and join the exploitation.

  2. Anonymous11.8.10

    This is inspiring. I to am a redhead (=])and a senior in highschool, so i am begining to look at my future an what i want to do. and what i know would truely make me happy, fullfilled, is to help others in this world. to give back all that i can, because i was born so privledged, with so many options and ccomforts, i feel like it is my duty as a human to contribute positily. I feel my route is going to go in more of a medical direction, doctor hopefully, but eventuallyi would like to find myself in humanitarian aid and support
    so reading this was very inspiring. dont let your hopes get down, because there is a dark, ugly side of humanity and unfortunatly that is the only side many people in third world countries get to see. its up to people like you and hopefully me to bring the light, the love and the compassion to them. to show that, that though there are poeple in this world that are greedy and violent, that take and take for personal gain no matter the cost to other, there are people that will help them, simpley because they are humanbeings, and everyone deserves a chance at some kind of happiness

  3. @ Redheaded Anonymous -
    Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog and I'm so thrilled that you enjoy it! Actually, I myself had wanted to be a doctor for about 5 years and just recently changed my mind a few months ago (I still LOVE medicine though! That will never change). I wanted to be a doctor/aidworker and work with an organization such as Doctors without Borders (which I still hope to do, just not in the medical sense) so there are many opportunities for you to still do medicine and aidwork! The great thing about medicine is that you can make such a large impact on those in need around the world because where there is suffering, there are major medical needs that need to me met.
    Thank you SO much for all your kind words! I agree with you completely on all that you say. The world definitely needs more people like yourself!
    Good luck as you start the new school year, decide on where you will be going to college, and begin to look where you want your future to lead you. I hope you keep checking back and commenting, I appreciate it so much! Feel free to email me at the email address above if you have any questions about anything! :)

  4. Anonymous4.9.11

    hey, this is really coolstuff, good luck! you clearly have a passion for being an aid worker. but also, don't feel guilty for having what you have, you can't solve the worlds problems.

  5. Anonymous17.6.12

    I am really impressed by your goals, I don't think I could ever bring myself to do all those amazing things (all though I like to believe I would).

  6. Anonymous21.10.12

    Hi Karen, do you have a last.fm account you scrobble your music listening to? If not, you should, I and others would definitely be interested in seeing what cool Afrobeats are out there that we're missing out on. Also, have you seen the excellent site http://www.awesometapes.com/ ?

  7. I'm Ghanaian and I've yet to see a blogger make the case as eloquent and insightful as you do through your posts. As an economists who fancies being able to go home and affect some change, You're the kind of person I hope to one day be able to work with on someday. Major props!!!

  8. I was looking for a song I heard on the THINKR youtube channel's video about Sierra Leonian child prodigy Kelvin Doe (AKA DJ Focus)and stumbled upon your soundcloud page. Couldn't have been happier. I am an International Studies and Geography student in West Virginia University from Honduras and love all things music, maps, people, and colors. I've been considering the Peace Corps and you give me tons of inspiration. I wish you the best of luck and will stick around to see what you're up to!


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