Final Weeks in Ngatt

A girl sells boiled peanuts during Ngatt's market day

Life has been pretty chaotic lately. Work is busy, as usual, I'm trying to enjoy the last few weeks I have left in wonderful Ngatt, I'm preparing my COS (close of service) materials and getting things ready for my replacement (and hoping like hell that they'll take care of my adorable cat!), and on top of it all I've been busy working on PhD applications....while I have no computer or internet. It's like the 17th century up in here: I hand-write my statement of purposes by candle light, no joke. I guess at the very least it's quaint! It's rainy season and I've been enjoying the tranquility that comes with village life in the Adamawa during the breezy and lush rainy season. I have a new-found proclivity for chilly, drizzle-y days huddled up with tea, under my incredibly fluffy blanket, with a good book and my happy cat in my lap. Oh, and have I mentioned that by 'chilly' I now am referring to weather in the low 70s? Yeah, I might be risking death by returning home to Chicago in December. 

Here's mostly a photo post of what life has included throughout July/August.

This little guy is always sucking up to me in order to get me to give him my soccer ball. During the Fete de Ramadan he and his friends took me to the top of Ngatt's hill where the cellphone tower is and demanded that I do a photo shoot with them all. Nothing pleases kids more than draining your camera battery!

During Fete de Ramadan, every afternoon for a week the Mbororo's (the migrant cattle herders who live out in the savanna) go to the primary school and play tamtams (traditional drums) and dance a strange gender separated dance where the boys line up on one side and the girls line up opposite of them, which is reminiscent of my middle school dances. This photo sums up the kids' energy.

Metis found a new turtle friend the other day. I initially only saw the head of the turtle and thought it was a snake, but thankfully it was just a terrified turtle that was, sadly, soon-to-be dinner for a guy down the road.

Don't mind if I do!

The dog in Spencer's village gave birth and the pups turned 1 month old! Can't say no to a face like that.

7-feet tall corn! Bring on all the endless grilled corn!

Photoshoots in Ngatt


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