A Week(end) Getaway

Empty Beaches

As my time wraps up here in Cameroon, I keep finding myself faced with two conflicting emotions: One being that I want to spend all my time in Ngatt, enjoying quaint village life - and the other half of me wants to just say “Hell with it!” and spend my time doing whatever pleases me, wherever it pleases me. The past month or so has been me doing the latter. After I finished taking the GRE I spent a week in Makak in Spencer’s village before I returned to Ngatt for a week, only to travel back down to the Grand South again a week later. The past week and a half or so has been me spending time on the beach and once again in Makak relaxing, which I think is much deserved given all the HIV work I’ve been doing and all the stress I’m under applying for PhD programs.

A week ago I traveled the 26+ hours by bus down to Kribi, the beach town in the South region, from my village and met up with Spencer to celebrate his birthday with the feeling of sand between our toes, the sound of waves filling our ears, and the taste of pizza and cocktails lingering on our taste buds.

As always, our 3 days in Kribi were not long enough. It’s rainy season (and therefore low season), so besides a handful of European white guys and their Cameroonian wives/girlfriends, we were pretty much alone at our hotel. We saw Lobe falls again, walked up and down the beach, and Spencer even taught me how to play in the frightening-looking waves (and this time my camera wasn’t stolen!). Perhaps best of all was the food, which I needed after the lackluster food of Ngatt and Makak - we enjoyed rich pizza and cocktails every night, and feasted on fresh shrimp and sole during the days on the beach or at the fish market. While the weather was overcast, time on a beach can never really be bad. The empty beaches, cool weather (a rarity), and no sunburns made for a fun and relaxing getaway (and hopefully an enjoyable birthday for Spencer) before I continue with more HIV campaigning (this week to be held in Mbakaou with fellow PCV Alex) and finishing up other odds and ends of projects.

View from Fish Market

Lobe Falls

Lobe Falls
Sole and Shrimp on the Beach

Our Hotel


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