Only in Peace Corps, Only in Lomié

Cat vs Rooster
(2nd Occasion of Rooster Entering House)
Sometimes I am reminded of how weird my life can be. I've become far to habituated to the weirdness of life in Peace Corps. Here's just a few things that have happened to me this week which reminded me, life here is strange!

  • Only in Lomié would someone cut off, steal, and sell a 5 foot segment of your power line.
  • Only in Lomié might you get caught amongst a grazing herd of cattle who then render you late for a meeting where you might say, “But monsieur, I swear the cattle traffic is bad today!”
  • Only in Lomié do fete decorations not get taken down by people, but rather get eaten by sheep.
  • Only in Lomié do turkeys enter your house midday.
  • Only in Lomié might you get woken up from your nap by a rooster…who entered your house and is standing on your bed next to your ear. Nothing like that wakeup call.
  • Only in Lomié is your soy transformation interrupted by the mysterious entrance of an unknown dog into your kitchen (I clearly have animal problems…)
  • Only in Lomié do you see your cat on top of your roof jumping in the air in attempt to catch a magpie.
  • Only in Lomié do you awake to the sound of your cat meowing, only to find he is looking down at you from above because he somehow found his way into your attic.
  • Only in Lomié is 2 hours of a night spent trying to exterminate the hundreds of maggots living in your latrine, crawling out, and invading your bathroom. And might I say, this was done all by flashlight, and no, petrol, bleach, and insecticide didn’t work!
  • Only in Lomié do you see various worms in your latrine and wonder if they came from you or from the ground.
  • Only in Lomié are you subjected to a full frontal view of the absolutely butt naked village fou as he walks towards you for 5 minutes as if he hasn’t a care in the world as his jiggly bits flop about.
  • Only in Lomié is being tickled in the armpit and then punched in the stomach by the drunk village fou a normal morning market occurrence.
  • Only in Lomié is it normal for nearly ever trip to the well to involve getting in the middle of domestic violence (always the wife beating and berating her priest husband).
  • Only in Lomié is it normal to exit your back door to find your friend and neighbor taking a poop on your lawn. Besides being awkward, it explains the smell of poop that sometimes infiltrates my house.


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