Things That Make Me Say "Yay" and Things that Make Me Say "Nay" (Lomié Edition)

Beef, it's what's for dinner
  • Market Mama: “I have cucumbers, zucchini, oranges, pineapple, and eggplant” (YAY!)
  • Random dude shows up to my front door and says “My wife had twins in Abong Mbang and is dying and I need to travel there to give her a blood transfusion to save her life but I have no money for gas” (Nay – Get off my porch, fool. I’m probably poorer than you right now!).
  • Métis catches a lizard (Yay!)
  • Métis eats only the lizard’s skin, realizes it tastes bad, and leaves the bloody mess for me to clean up (Nay…and nasty).
  • My latrine is still clogged and requires me to scoop the poop out by hand…for the fourth time (Nay!!!) 
  • My wardrobe and coffee table will be finished and moved into my house today (YAY!)
  • Free dinner tonight at Minlo’s house (Yay!)
  •  I’m down to my last $10 (Nay, and how the heck did that happen?! Oh yeah, med-hold in Yaounde…)
  • When someone knocks on my door and I ask “Who is it” and the response is “It’s me!” (Nay! Answer my question or get off my veranda, fool!)
  • Avocados come back next month (Yay!)
  • Fish and Grilled Baton Friday is tomorrow (Yay!)
  • Dinner, a movie, and popcorn (and carrot cake?) is happening tomorrow chez moi with Danny (Yay!)
  • Someone tries to break into my house (Nay! Can’t wait until I have money to buy a machete to keep next to my bed. Them fools be running when I angrily wield that in front of them at 2am next time they try that!)
  •  Métis angrily takes a revenge pee in front of me on my un-cemented floor (Nay!)
  • Free bananas from my landlady (Yay!)
  • Work and project ideas are picking up (Yay!)
  •  Power cuts are back every night at 6pm, which is my dinner preparation time, which usually results in me accidentally cutting myself with a knife mid-onion chopping (Nay. SONEL get your act together and give us power!)
  •  IST is in a month (Yay!)
  • The HIV/AIDS mural project in Lomié is on February 6th (Yay!)
  • My mom sent me something in the mail yesterday (Yay!)
  • I’m possibly camping in the Dja rainforest all next week (WHAT?! Hell yeah!)
  • The spagh-omelet shack gave me the smallest mug for coffee today (Nay! Those fools know that the biggest white mug is mine!)
  •  A Baka pygmy cultural celebration is on Saturday with dancing and artwork (Yay! Too bad I’ll have no money to buy some much needed art for my house)
  •  I made 4 jars of homemade peanut butter (Yay!)
  •   I made vanilla rice milk which now permits me to make some near Starbucks-quality chai tea lattes (Yay)
  • I’m writing this while sitting on the platfort, sipping a pineapple, banana, orange, and papaya smoothie and looking out at the top of the rainforest (Infinite yays)
Moral of the story: Despite some crappy things, life is pretty darn great!


  1. judy snyder16.1.14

    Love to hear about your adventures! Please be careful and hopefully you can get a machete soon!

  2. Your internet key works in the fort so we get more regular blog updates and I get nice long emails (Yay!). Another great post - keep them coming! You are our link to life in Lomie!


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