Afternoon Afrobeat (#64): 'Show Me What U Made Of' by Silver Bullit ft. Afrikan Boy & Spoek Mathambo

Yesterday I came to be introduced to Silver Bullit, who recently collaborated with the likes of UK-based Afrikan Boy as well as South African-based Spoek Mathambo to create quite a nice Afrohouse/Azonto/dancehall EP. The EP, aptly named 'Afrikans in Denmark', features three songs: ‘Burning’, ‘Shokoto’, and ‘Show Me What U Made Of’. The EP is aimed to prove that African club music is just as "cool" as Western club music - and in my opinion, it succeeds. 

While all three songs are fantastic, and the video for ‘Burning’ is quite amusing, I thoroughly enjoy Chief Boima’s remix of ‘Show Me What U Made Of’, which I’ve posted below for ease of your listening. The culturally diverse group that collaborated on this EP makes for one interesting, unique, and international sounding EP. Perhaps what I love the most is that while each song has several remixes, each one is distinct from the others with its own sound, rhythm, and feel.

Check out Chief Boima’s remix of Silver Bullit’s ‘Show Me What U Made Of’ below and be sure to take a listen to all the other tracks and remixes available on the EP. But before I leave you, I want to let you know about Silver Bullit's new mixtape which was released just 4 days ago and features songs from Buk Bak, Flavour, P-Sqaure, Spoek Mathambo and more. The mixtape is free to download - so go ahead, snatch it up - and if you are anything like me, it'll become your new running playlist in no time flat!

Connect with Silver Bullit: Twitter|| Facebook SoundCloud


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