Another Zambia: Skateboarding and Tattoos in Lusaka

While procrastinating on homework (Okay, I guess it can’t be called ‘procrastination’ when I’m actually 1 month ahead), I found this video which is part of CNN’s Inside Africa series. I’ve seen clips here and there from this series but I never thought to share them on the blog before.

I know very little about Zambia, but from what I hear, Lusaka seems like a pretty cool city, and this video confirms it. This clip, which is part of a larger segment of the Inside Africa episode on Zambia, shows Lusaka’s ‘rebel’ skateboards who are introducing the city to this new sport. This segment also interviews one of Lusaka’s only tattoo artists, who not to mention is my age (21)!

In Sierra Leone, the concept of tattoos was foreign to most people, so the majority of folks thought the tattoos I have on my feet are stickers or that I drew them on (Ha! The patience I would need to have to draw on my tattoos daily…). Anyways, I like to see that there is a demand for tattoos in Lusaka and that someone is there to provide the supply. Keep up the cool, Lusaka!


  1. Anonymous11.4.13

    Nice Post but i think a lot of people were misled because there are a lot of tattoo artists in lusaka not a lot of good ones but a few more experienced and better at their job than the self proclaimed "tattoo guru"

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks! It's good to hear that he isn't the only one. It was more likely that CNN wanted to make it seem like the guy they were interviewing was 'the only' tattoo artist in Lusaka. Go figures...television these days!

  3. Yeah Zambia did an excellent work. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.


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