Afternoon Afrobeat (#59): 'Love is Calling' by Ntjam Rosie

Photo via Ntjam Rosie’s Official Facebook Page

The countdown has begun, it’s now 130-something days until I’m moving to Cameroon, yikes! And the beautifully warm and sunny Chicago weather today made me have an epiphany – “Holy smokes, I’m going to be living in Cameroon!” Anyways, in preparation, besides brushing up on my French skills and reading up on Cameroonian history, I’ve started to read some blogs by Cameroonians. You know...I'm trying to get acqainted with Cameroonian culture and all that jazz. I’ve been searching for some good Cameroonian music to listen to and thankfully my new favorite Cameroonian blogger, the lovely Andrea Bomo over at My African Chronicles, has introduced me to my new favorite Cameroonian vocalist - Ntjam Rosie.

Ntjam Rosie grew up in the southern Cameroonian village of Sonkoe and moved to Maastricht in the Netherlands where she grew up dancing and singing to pop music. After being rejected after her audition at the Codarts Academy of Music in Rotterdam she chose a different path of study, but at the age of 19 she quit school and took up her dream of becoming a musician. It appears as if she made the right decision because her music is simply gorgeous!

Ntjam has jazzy music that is quite unique in style and she sings in English, French, and Bulu. She describes herself as “…an artist. I dig into my cultures and make art from them” and she describes her musical philosophy and style as not replicating retro musical elements but rooting itself in them.

Compared to her previous album titled Elle, which Ntjam describes as telling stores about the world, her new album The Back of Beyond instead takes the listener on a spiritual journey. She describes her new album as:

“… more involved. It takes you on a spiritual trip. It is about good and bad, about body and soul, and about finding the balance. It takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you feel part of the music.”

I don’t know about you, but finding balance is just about what I need right now! Check out two of her songs from her new album The Back of Beyond – One is her song ‘Love is Calling’ and the other is an acoustic version of her song ‘Made’.

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