Afternoon Afrobeat (#58): 'Ca va Aller' by SK Originale

It still hasn’t quite set in that I’ll be living in Cameroon for 27 months. And the fact I only have 154 days left in the States means that I should be frantically practicing ma française. So, in an attempt to avoid the very simplistic French phrase guide that the Peace Corps sent me, I do what any Afrophile would do – I search for new Francophone African music! Yay for fun ways of brushing up on languages!

I’ve got quite the repertoire of French music from Africa, but I figured I needed some new ones, which brought me to finding SK Originale. Mawuli Sokpo Kwaku was born in Lome, Togo (hence his knowledge of French) but his family moved to Ghana when he was young. Forced to leave school at a young age due to financial constraints, Mawuli Sokpo Kwaku  took up carpentry. However, he felt unfulfilled and his vocal talent was well-known from his performances at church and social functions. Eventually, he picked up the name SK Originale (after his first stage name which was SK Blinks) and decided to go down the music path.

Good thing he did, because I love his song ‘Ca Va Aller’, or in English ‘It Will be Well’. I’m quite the fan of Ivoirian Coupé Decalé, so naturally I love the upbeat rhythm of this song. The French lyrics make me love it even more. And the fantastic video (and splendid dancing) are merely the icing on the cake. I know I’m not moving to Ghana, but this video makes me so excited to be back in the color, chaos, and eccentricity that is West Africa. Enjoy!

Connect with SK Originale: Twitter || Facebook|| Website (Currently Under Construction)


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