Afternoon Afrobeat (#52): 'Runnin' by Sinkane

Image via Sinkane Facebook
Ahmed Gallab was exiled from Sudan in 1989, but he recounts growing up in Sudan listening to his mother play Sudanese and reggae music, which then sparked his interest in creating music.

After playing with several other bands, he is now part of the band Sinkane. In an interview with OkayAfrica, he explains how Sudanese sounds now influence the music he releases. 

His music is quite different than his counterparts in Ghana and Nigeria and so-forth  but you know what, I like that! Fresh is good. Check out the video to the song Runnin' below (talk about political!). And if you like his stuff, check out his Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape as well!

Connect with Sinkane: Twitter || Website|| Facebook


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