Afternoon Afrobeat (#49): 'The Way I Feel' by Asa

Photographed by Jean Baptise Mondino. 
Image via Asa’s Facebook
Asa (pronounced like Asha) is an artist emerging from Nigeria who soulfully sings in English, Yoruba, and most recently in French.

She was born in Paris and began singing at a young age while listening to her father's records of classics like Bob Marley and Fela Kuti. 

Her music style is a cross between soul, R&B, pop and reggae depending on the track. Her songs range from feel-good songs to others, like 'Fire on the Mountain', which touches on difficult topics like neglected wars in Africa because they have no oil, or another song, 'Jailer', which is "laden with meaning and metaphoric of neo-slavery", which she was inspired to write after she accidentally signed the wrong music contract.

Her voice reminds me somewhat of a Nigerian Norah Jones, but BBC calls her the 21st century Bob Marley.

Whatever she is, one thing is for sure, her voice and sounds are second to none.

Her album Beautiful Imperfection was released worldwide from 2010 to 2011.

She has recently release the official music video for her song 'The Way I Feel', which I've posted below. Check it out!


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