Afternoon Afrobeat (#47): 'Free as a Bird' by Bumi Thomas

Photographed by Jide Alakija. Source: Bumi Thomas’ Office Website

Bumi Thomas is emblematic of many Africans living in the diaspora in that she has many cross-cultural roots. Bumi was born in Glasgow but raised in Kano and Lagos, Nigeria. She currently resides in London after finishing her degree in Fine Art Media and Visual Communication.

The sounds in her music are a mélange of reggae, jazz, high life, and afrobeat, that when combined create a sound completely unique to Bumi. She best describes her musical inspiration:

My journey is essentially about transcending boundaries. Its ethos: a delicate exploration of the relationship between art and experience, how that expression is transformed to music and how that music translates to pure emotional impulse. As an artist, I find that my work also encapsulates my evolution as a woman.
You can easily stay tuned to what Bumi Thomas is releasing and where she is performing live via her Twitter, Facebook, and Reverbnation.


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