Iconic Artwork Celebrating 50 Years of Jamaica's Cultural Contributions

Photo via Creative Roots
On August 6th, Jamaica celebrated its 50th year of independence from the UK. To celebrate the event in the London, Jon Daniel chose nine significant Jamaician figures, representing “male and female; deceased and the living; the political and the cultural; and the famous and the infamous”, and created iconic artworks using Jamaica’s national colors to represent the country’s motto of “Out of Many, One People”. The artwork was displaced for three months during London’s Brixton Splash Street Festival.

It was the poster of Marcus Garvey that especially caught my attention. I am currently reading a collectiong of Garvey's writings, and I am beginning to realize how significant an impact he made upon the ideology of Pan-Africanism and his influence among the African diaspora. If you haven't read any of his works, you should - Garvey was a great intellectual. 

Jamaica has made a significant impact upon the world’s culture. Its significance in the African diaspora, much like other Caribbean nations, is also undeniable. I thought this exhibition was quite unique in putting the spotlight on several figures that had had either a historical, political, or cultural impact on the world. See more ‘Jamaicons’ over at Creative Roots.  
Photo via Creative Roots

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  1. Only just seen this. Many thanks for sharing and supporting my work. Warmest regards Johnny


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