Afternoon Afrobeat (#44): 'Come on Man' by TOOFAN

Do the holidays have you stressed out? Are you unenthusiastic about returning back to school or work after the holidays? Tired of all the negative news on our TV screens lately? Are you just looking for something to make you smile and be reaffirmed that everything will be alright? Well I am!

That’s were TOOFAN comes in. TOOFAN, the Togolese duo who created the dance craze Cool Catché, released a new (and quite fun) music video just the other day for their song ‘Come on Man’.

So, if you think that a mass of Cool Catché-ing Togolese in villages and on beaches will bring that needed smile across your face and reaffirm that everything will be OK, or if you just need to be told “Come on man!”, then I’d recommend watching the video below.  


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