Afternoon Afrobeat (#42): 'Antenna' by Fuse ODG ft. Wyclef Jean

Fuse ODG’s song ‘Antenna’ is arguably one of the biggest azonto hits of the year. Although there have been some great videos of various Ghanaians azonto-ing to it from London to Accra, I was consistently waiting for Fuse to release an official video. Well, that wait is now over.

It was only a little over a week ago that I posted about Haiti becoming a member of the African Union and how similar both Haitian and African cultures are. It appears as if I wrote that post with perfect timing because who else appears in this Ghanaian hit other than Haiti’s very own Wyclef Jean! Yes, Fuse brings us a Ghanaian-Haitian collaboration. I love it!

Check out the video below and be prepared to be blown away. I’m ashamed to say I watched this video on repeat well over 10 times last night while cooking dinner. And I must say, I’m sure happy Wyclef was not able to become Haiti’s President because I fear we might not have been graced with this amazing collaboration had he have won.

Also, if you are not following Fuse ODG on Twitter or Facebook, do so. It appears as if he is releasing quite a lot lately, and I’m sure a lot more is to come. 

Thanks Tyler Paziuk for informing me of this video!


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