Afternoon Afrobeat (#41): 'Coulibaly' by Amadou et Mariam ft. Akon

Photo via Amadou et Mariam’s website
Amadou and Mariam, the dynamic married duo from Mali, should be familiar to you African music fans. I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet (which is very uncharacteristic for those of you who know me), simply because my finger and a knife had an unfortunate encounter today and I am finding it a bit difficult to type with the bandage on.

Anyways, this song, ‘Coulibaly’, is definitely not new, but it has long been one of my favorites of Amadou and Mariam – actually, no, I can’t choose favorites among their songs because they are all fantastic! However, I did just find this version of ‘Coulibaly’ which features Senegalese-born American hip-hop artist Akon. I know, quite a combo! If it was possible, I think Akon’s contribution made this song even better than the original. 

Even though they recently released their newest album, 'Folila', they are always up to something, so be sure to check their Facebook and Twitter for newest song releases and their tour dates! Enjoy!


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