Afternoon Afrobeat (#40): 'Kinshasa' by Alec Lomami

I featured the song ‘Pop Revolution’ by Alec Lomami, one of my favorite DRC hip-hop artists, as an Afternoon Afrobeat many months ago, and today’ I’m back to shine the spotlight on him again.

His song ‘Kinshasa’ is not new, and neither really is the video below featuring the CHLLNGR remix of it. Alec released the video over the past summer, but during that time I was in Sierra Leone with next to no internet and since I have returned back to Chicago I have been meaning to post it on here. Well, better late than never I suppose!

Both Pop Revolution and Kinshasa were (and still are) hits and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Alec’s EP. Well, the wait may soon be over (thankfully!).  Alec has since moved to South Africa, but he has remained busy working on great music. He has informed me that he is hoping to release his EP in the new year (likely in January), in which he is also hoping to have an accompanying video. When they are finally released, they’ll be posted on here. In the meantime, stay tuned via his Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp. Also follow him on Tumblr for some of his music recommendations. 


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