Afternoon Afrobeat (#38): 'Akyee Wo' by Itz Tiffany

Ghana, Africa’s first state to become independent after colonialism, is holding elections today. Ghanaians are heading to the polls today to decided whether or not they want to reelect incumbent President Mahama for a second term.

In honor of Ghana’s election, I have chosen Itz Tiffany’s song ‘Akyee Wo’ as today’s Afternoon Afrobeat to carry you through the weekend. Music has long been a part of Itz Tiffany’s (born Tiffany Owusu) life. At an early age she participated in all the musical and acting performances of the schools she attended.

Itz Tiffany released her first single in 2006 and has since collaborated with many other famed Ghanaian artists such as Fuse and Sarkodie. To stay updated on the great music she has in store for the future, like her Facebook and follow her Twitter.

I hope this song keeps you dancing through the weekend!


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