Afternoon Afrobeat (#36): 'Africain' by Sexion D'assaut

Since this morning’s post had a bit of a Pan-African vibe to it, I decided to ditch my original plan for today’s Afternoon Afrobeat and instead choose the song ‘Africain’ by the French rap group, Sexion D’assaut.

Sexion D’assaut released their single ‘Africain’ in July earlier this year and I’ve loved it ever since I first heard it. For all you Francophone Afrophiles out there like me, you’ll love this song. For those of you non-French speakers, just enjoy the beat and the gorgeous video they put together, which spotlights many of the aspects of Africa that I love.

The song ‘Africain’ discusses how despite the fact that the rappers in Sexion D’assaut are French-born, they consider themselves African, which they repeat through the phrase “Je n'suis qu'un Africain”, which means ‘I am an African’. The song explains how colonization used divide and rule tactics to facilitate domination and how the colonial powers separated Africans away from their brothers in the Caribbean. They also touch on many contemporary topics such as civil wars in Africa, countering the negative stereotypes of Africa, as well as mentioning discrimination that those in the African diaspora face.

Check out awesome video below and stay tuned on their upcoming releases via their Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!


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