Afternoon Afrobeat (#34): 'Tchokolo' by X-Maleya

Photo via X-Maleya
Today's song is coming at you from a trio hailing from Yaoundé, Cameroon known as X-MaleyaI must confess, I am quite unfamiliar with Cameroonian music, probably because many Cameroonian artists have trouble making a name for themselves given the country's reliance on CDs. However, if most Cameroonian music songs like X-Maleya, I could easily fall in love with it. 

X-Maleya started their music career in the 1990s when they mainly did covers of Michael Jackson songs. As they began to create their own music, they focused primarily on imitating Western music; however, their music now has a distinct Cameroonian style that is quite frankly infectious. 

The title of this song, 'Tchokolo', has no meaning, and according to The Fader

...The title’s meaning is kept secret by the two-year-old little girl who repeated the word over and over as the group recorded new songs. [X-Maleya] decided to make a song out of it, and unless I’m missing something, it does not have any secret meaning.

If you did the song above, grab a free download via SoundCloud. Listen and enjoy!


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