Afternoon Afrobeat (#33): 'Take Me to the Dance' by Freshlyground

Source: Freshlyground
Freshlyground is no stranger to anyone that's a fan of South African music or soccer/football. I first came to know their music during the 2010 World Cup in their collaborative song with Shakira, 'Waka Waka' (Seriously, I still can't get enough of that song. My boss even played it in my office when I got back from Sierra Leone this summer).

Freshlyground has been producing hit albums over the last decade with styles ranging from Kwassa-Kwassa, to jazz, to folk, to indie rock. Their band is symbolic of the diversity of not only the Rainbow Nation, but Southern Africa in general, with band members coming from across South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. According to their website, "Freshlyground have become the musical voice of the nation's adolescent democracy. Featuring members of different ethnicities from South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe their diverse backgrounds have allowed them to weave a musical magic that is highly infections and undeniably groovy". Too true.

Freshlyground released a new single, 'Take Me to the Dance', ahead of their album set to debut October 22. Check it out!

Question: Hey all you South Africans, who is the host of this show who dances at the end?! 


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