Afternoon Afrobeat (#32): 'Pungwe' by Chief Boima

Boima Tucker (aka Chief Boima) is probably one of my favorite DJ's hailing from Africa (probably because he is Sierra Leonean). I hope someday to see him working his magic live, but until then, his killer mixtapes will have to suffice. 

Chief Boima released this mixtape 5 days ago as a promo for Tendai Maraire, who plays Shona music from Zimbabwe.  Since both Tendai and Boima come from diamond-producing countries, a fate that impacted the course of both their lives, the album art makes perfect sense. 

The mix is pretty sweet and is available for download below or on Chief Boima's soundcloud. Here are Boima's own words on the process of creating this mix:

When I try to do mixes I always try to base them around a central theme or concept. This one proved a challenge for me since I don't know as much about Southern Africa as I do West Africa. But I do know that music and a contentious politics from Mozambique to South Africa to Zimbabwe to Angola are intimately intertwined in a history of struggle against colonial rule and state-based violence. So, being an outsider to all that, all I could do was try to connect the dots across national boundaries to show how the cultures (and by extension the struggles) of Southern Africans are very much intertwined.
I dug into my record collection to find a bunch of Mbira related songs from across Southern Africa including Bonga (Angola), the Kasai All Stars (Congo), and DJ Sbu (South Africa). Of course there are plenty of Zimbabwean tracks from the likes of Thomas Mapfumo, and the mix even includes a track from an album I happened to have of Tendai's father, Dumi Maraire! Lastly I just included some of my favorite songs, like the ones from Khaled and Yossou N'Dour, that I thought fit well with Tendai's original productions, which he in turn remixed to amazing results! I hope you enjoy what will hopefully be the beginnings of an exciting partnership!


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