Afternoon Afrobeat (#31): 'Swilili' by Mampi

  Swilili Mampi ft P'jay by Hites Bonnie Only
Mampi is a pretty well-known R&B singer in her home country, Zambia, and has risen in popularly since she took part in the reality TV show Big Brother Africa. Mampi (now 25) grew up singing at a young age and she began writing her own songs at the age of only 14.

Although Mampi was not at all popular on Big Brother Africa (she was voted out during the first round), luckily she has other skills from which to draw upon, such as her great vocals and her dancing skills which earn her the name 'The vibrating waist'.

Mampi is going to be giving her first tour in Namibia on September 28 in Windhoek, so if you are in the area, check out her show!

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  1. Meryl Valencia3.1.13

    She has become quite the celebrity after that stint. I managed to catch her press con tour during our safari honeymoon in which she was an active pro-conservationist.


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