Afternoon Afrobeat (#28): "Antenna" by Fuse ODG

Lucky for all those Azonto fans out there, Fuse ODG has now released a new track that is quite perfect for Azonto-ing to. 

Fuse ODG is a UK-based musician from Ghana who is attributed for starting the Azonto dance craze that is taking Ghana and the UK by storm. Check out his new song, 'Antenna', above (I love it!) which will appear on his latest EP and then check out the video below of two very talented Ghanaians Azonto-ing around the UK. 


  1. actually i am a huge fan of
    afro beat music
    bt i could not find any post in here..
    let me know the reason please.......

    1. Hello Olu,
      I am using 'afrobeats' in a very loose sense here, referring to contemporary music arising from Africa and its diaspora rather than referring to the traditional definition of 'afrobeat'. The post above is of music from Ghana, and the song can be listened to via the soundcloud widget at the beginning of the post. Hope this helps?


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