Afternoon Afrobeat (#27): "Born for This" by Liquideep and Teargas

This song may be a bit old, but hey, it's still amazing and it is still getting airplay in Sierra Leone, so why not here as well?

The song 'Born for This' is the result of collaboration between three South African groups/artists: Liquideep, Teargas, and HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula).

Liquideep is a duo formed in 2007 by Ziyon and Ryzor out of their "mutual love of hook-laden, melodically rich, deep house music". Two years later their song Fairytale’ was played nation and continent-wide and was nominated (and won) several awards.

Teargas is a South African trio who created a combo between hip-hop music and the South African genre Kwaito. Teargas has several albums and are expected to release a new album, Num8er Num8er, any time now.

HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) is a solo hip hop artist also from South Africa. Growing up he listened to his father's record collection which introduced him to a variety of music styles. He is reluctant to claim what genre of music he creates (although clearly influenced by hip hop) because he believes that music has the power to deliver intimate personal messages to a wide audience, and he doesn't want them to be turned off just by what genre of his music is labeled.

The combination between all these talented South African artists is clearly unique and the song they produced, 'Born for This', is an awesome mix of various genres of music. 


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