Afternoon Afrobeat (#24): "Kilimani Barz" by Cr3w Teflon

Kenya's youth are really changing up the traditional music scene in East Africa. This time its a talented group of 17-year olds who call themselves Cr3w Teflon.

They started their work in January 2011, so they are pretty knew to the music scene. The group consists of three hip-hop artists, Ben Vic, Timmy Tim, and Bior, and the lead vocalist, Kavi. 

According to their Soundcloud account, their mission is to "change the face of new generation music, embrace and impact society" by creating music that will transcend national and international boundaries - mixing sounds from America and Africa to create a new genre of music and combing "sweet easy melodies" with "hard-hitting messages". 

If you like hip-hop mixed with some spoken word-like beats, then listen to this video. If you’re the type of person who prefers slower music, then check out the song at the bottom. 


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