Ghana's 2008 Elections...on Wheels

Ghana is often praised for its democracy and peaceful elections. In December of this year, Ghana will be holding both Presidential and Parliamentary elections, which are particularly important, especially after the death of President Mills a few months ago.

Although  Ghanaians have a pretty strong democracy, do they really know what happens behind the scenes of their own political system? 

One filmmaker set out during the last Presidential elections in 2008 and filmed the entire election process and the candidates for three months. The film, An African Election, exposes the social, political, and economic factors at play in the election process, and the struggle of one African nation to legitimize its democracy in the eyes of the West.

Although this film was released a year or so ago to foreign audiences, those who this movie was made for, the Ghanaians themselves, have yet to watch it.

That is why filmmaker Jarreth Merz created A Political Safari - an attempt to translate the film into all the 5 Ghanaian languages and bring the film to remote parts of the country so that it can spread the knowledge of the country's political history and democratic process ahead of the upcoming elections. 

For the past several months, Merz has been fundraising to pay for A Political Safari, and on August 13th, the project reached its $32,000 goal, which means An African Election will be playing in Ghana just in time before Ghanaians take to the polls once again.


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