Afternoon Afrobeat (#19): "Oh Amadou" by Amadou et Mariam

I can't listen to a song by Amadou and Mariam without smiling. They are the cutest couple ever and their songs are so cheerful. 

The thing I love most about them is that their songs are timeless. They sing about politics, culture, and society in Mali, yet somehow the lyrics never become outdated. 

Although their newest album, Folila (which means 'Music'), was released several months ago, I still am obsessed with it. And one of the reasons it is so fantastic is because it is so different both in sound and composition than their previous albums, especially since all songs are in collaboration with other artists.

The song above is on Folilia and every time I watch it, I have a strong urge to travel to Mali, drive around in a vintage car, and dance outside a beautifully dilapidated concrete house - because I'm sure that is what every day life is like in Mali, right?


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