Afternoon Afrobeat (#8): "Hesisinumo'" by Anbuley

Anbuley, a product of both Austrian and Ghanaian culture, is a fantastic up-and-coming musician from Africa. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria to Ghanaian parents, Anbuley knew little of her African roots besides the African songs her parents would play in their home.

Soon, however, she came to appreciate traditional African music, which prompted her to explore her own musical talents while making trips to Ghana where she discovered her two loves: music and dance.

Anbuley is now an emerging Afro-electronic artist who creates songs that are noticeably Ghanaian (by her lyrics which are in Ga), partly European, and uniquely progressive.

I first discovered Anbuley’s song Hesisinumo in OkayAfrica’sAfrica in Your Earbuds #19 mixtape done by one of my favorite artists from DRC, Alec Lomami, which was released earlier this summer. After falling in love with Hesisinumo’, it soon became number 1 on my running playlist while in Sierra Leone. 

Listen to Hesisinumo’above, and if you haven’t already, be sure to download Alec Lomami’s Africa in your Earbuds mixtape:


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