Afternoon Afrobeat (#7): "Nar London" by Janka Nabay and Bajah

Sierra Leone does not (in the slightest) have a reputation of being one of the top competing countries in the Olympics; however, that does not keep Sierra Leoneans from being prideful of their national team, athletes, and…musical talents.

Sierra Leone had only one competing athlete during the 2012 London summer Olympics: Ola Sesay who competes in women’s long jump. In celebration of her qualification and the representation of Sierra Leone in London, a few of Salone’s most well-known musicians, including Janka Nabay and Pupa Baja of the Dry Yai Crew, came together and created a new Olympic anthem titled ‘Nar London’.

The song not only celebrates Ola Sesay’s qualification, but it also “brings a unique perspective from an African nation participating in the games” by using rhythms from Sierra Leone’s traditional musical genre, known as Bubu, and combining it with contemporary beats.

This catchy track was made into a video (shown below) which shows clips of Ola Sesay as well as Nabay and Bajah’s recent performance in NYC. A free download of this anthem is available at the top of this post. Enjoy! 


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