Afternoon Afrobeat (#21): "Heart Beat" by Zaki Ibrahim

I'm not quite sure what words would classify the sound of the Vancouver-born South African artist, Zaki Ibrahim. Her music has elements of a little bit of everything: from house, to hip hop, to soul, to indie, to spoken word, and even to pop. Three of her songs were part of the new South African film, Otelo Burning, one of which (Something in the Water) was described as "A post-dubstep, synth-heavy, kalimba (thumb piano)-led track, it is at once futuristic and primal...". Um...okay?

Anyways - she, her music, and her style, are all pretty amazing so be sure to listen to the other tracks on her new album and stay tuned for what she's got in store.

The song below, "Heart Beat", is on her new (and first) album titled Every Opposite.

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