Afternoon Afrobeat (#20): "Kolom" by Buk Bak

I figured today I should highlight a song that African music enthusiasts can do the Azonto to since that dance craze is spreading like wildfire across Africa and apparently now the UK as well. And since I'm packing to move back to Chicago in 2 days, I am doing my happy-dance, which happens to be the Azonto.

Buk Bak is a Ghanaian hiplife duo made up by Prince Bright aka Bling Sparkles and Ronnie Coches - Okay, seriously, Bling Sparkles?! He couldn't think of a better name than Bling Sparkles?! Anyways, they rap in various Ghanaian languages like Ga, Twi and Pidgin.

Buk Bak used to have more members, but many split off for various reasons (one of them likely being Bling Sparkles' stupid name). Buk Bak now just has Bling Sparkles (ha!) and Ronnie Coches. 

They realeased this song, 'Kolom', earlier this year and it is most definitely an Azonto-worthy song that will stay in your head all day. This song does have a YouTube video (which I usually prefer putting in my posts just because I like visuals), but I decided to refrain today because it is so incredibly cheesy (like Bling Sparkles' name) that I can't help but to laugh through its entirety so...watch at your own risk. So instead of forever ruining the integrity of this song in my head, I choose a soundcloud version instead, but at least this gives you the option to download it if you want to. Enjoy!


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