Afternoon Afrobeat (#18): "Life (Waalahi)" by R2BEES

Many African music trends can be traced back to Ghana - a clear sign they are doing something right over there! Ghana can claim responsibility from trends from the Azonto, to hiplife, to highlife.

Hiplife is a music genre that originated in the 1990s and is a mix between hip hop, reggae, dancehall, and highlife. The eclectic style of hiplife is attributed to Ghana's eclectic transnational history  - there are elements of reggae and dancehall from Ghana's influence from the Caribbean, there are elements of European jazz, and sometimes Christian phrases as a result of the influence of Western missionaries.

R2BEES (Refuse 2 Be Broke) is a pretty popular hiplife group from Ghana who just released a new song, "Life (Waalahi)".

R2BEES says they "believe in not only making songs for Ghanaians living at home or abroad but rather songs that Africans and the world in general can relate to". They state that although they love their music and want to push African music to the limits and create new trends, they have also put an emphasis on their education because that was the "bestlegacy" that their parents gave them.

The group is always pushing the boundaries of Ghanaian music and most definitely a group to keep an eye on. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for updates on upcoming songs and albums. 


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