Afternoon Afrobeat (#14): "Boin Maanin" by Faso Kombat

A member of Faso Kombat. Image via Faso Kombat’s Myspace.
Burkina Faso is a small land-locked nation in West Africa most commonly known for the Marxist, anti-imperialist, and Pan-Africanist revolutionary leader, Thomas Sankara. Burkina Faso, however, is not very well-known for its music unlike its neighbors Ghana and Nigeria.

But maybe that is starting to change. One group that is becoming more well-known throughout the country is Faso Kombat. Malk'hom and David are the two singers/musicians of Faso Kombat and they met in the late 1990s through their shared passion for making music. 

They released two albums in 2004, "Obstetrical Course" and "Aussi", which won them much fame at home and abroad. 

Their songs address the struggle of youth in urban Africa as well as the struggle for artistic freedom of speech. Their sound is described as "gritty hip hop, West African styles, Bronx-inspired beats and Jamaican Dancehall's vocals mix with the sounds of urban Africa and ancient Africa".

Their contemporary hip-hop mixed with traditional African sounds come through in the song below, "Boin Maanin". The lyrics describe the struggle for life and against poverty. The main chorus of the song states: "More importance is placed on money than on people".


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