Afternoon Afrobeat (#6): "Are You Ready for This?" by Dumi RIGHT

In the 1990’s, a hip-hop group known as Zimbabwe Legit was credited for being the first African hip-hop band to gain international recognition and fame. One of the members of Zimbabwe Legit, Dumi RIGHT, has since undertaken other projects, one of the most recent being his solo album, which was released last spring called Connect the Dots.

Connect the Dots not only features Dumi RIGHT from Zimbabwe, but also other artists from across the continent including Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, and Botswana. By bringing hip-hop artists from across Africa together under this album, it’s meant to serve as a metaphor “for unity across the continent”.

This album is also not your typical hip-hop album. The topics covered in the songs are applicable to all African nations, such as “the pursuit of freedom” and independence to “artist icintegrity”, which makes Connect the Dots a somewhat Pan-Africanist album that celebrates the cultural, historical, and musical diversity and similarities of Africa.

The track shown above, Are You Ready for This, features another Zimbabwean artist known as Outspoken and was filmed in both Harare, Zimbabwe and Washington, U.S.


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