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It's about time for me to be making my excuses and apologies for not posting in a while, so here you go:

Excuse #1: The last week (and this week) I have midterm exams. So like any good student, I've been spending 24 hours of every day studying, reading, and preparing. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But regardless, I've been bogged down in school and work, hence my distance from my blog and Twitter.

Excuse #2: I leave again for Sierra Leone in 28 days, which means I've been a little swamped in emailing and coordinating with those in Salone as well as packing and getting my life in order on this side of the Atlantic. To add to that chaos, I also need to work on moving out of my apartment permanently as well as turn in my final exams a week early. Eek!

Apology: So all in all, sorry - sorry - sorry for being so m.i.a! I'm hoping I'll have some spare time to write a bit here and there in the next 28 days, but I'm not entirely sure what life has in store for me, so I don't want to make promises I can't keep (although I do have a lot I want to write about!). If I am a bit missing in the next coming weeks, rest assured I will be doing lots of writing during my three months in Sierra Leone.

So like I said, it has been midterms week, which means my iTunes has been working overtime just like me. Given my love of music and my love for sharing the music I love, I figured I'd post a few of the songs that are running on repeat in my iTunes the past few weeks and which are sure to make my flight playlist for Sierra Leone. Enjoy!

DJ Sbu feat. Zahara - Lengoma >> South Africa

Thanks to Alec Lomami (who is releasing his EP sometime in the next few months - thank goodness!), I've been hopelessly addicted to this song.

Shady baby - Oh Salone >> Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone celebrated its independence day on Friday the 27th. Africa is a Country released a list of Sierra Leonean music for those of you interested in discovering more of it. This is one of my favorites because it expresses my feelings about Salone when I'm not there. Plus it gives me a good dose of the Krio I miss hearing so much! (warning: although I sincerely love Sierra Leone and it is literally the place that I consider home, that does not mean I endorse the cheesy music videos and over-autotuned voices. However, some part about me likes the cheesy-ness)

Bongeziwe Mabandla ft. Zulu Boy - Phupha Lam >> South Africa

This song is most definitly part of my "study" playlist along with my "life really is going to be fine, Karen!" playlist. My love for this song again is thanks to Alec Lomami

Stromae - Peace or Violence >> Belgium/Rwanda

Alright, this isn't quite African music, but Stromae is of Rwandan descent, which is why I am squeezing him into this mix (also, I just love Stromae and I think you should too). 

Davido - Dami Duro >> Nigeria

Nigeria is always bringing us great music (hello, D'Banj anyone?!), and Davido is yet another. Then again, being the most populous African country, they've sure got enough talent to draw from! Thanks Mazuba Kapambwe for getting me hooked!

Fuse ft. Tiffany & Donaeo - Azonto >> Ghana

Even though I'm not going to Ghana (the birthplace of Azonto), I've still got my Ghanaian connections over in Sierra Leone, so I am most definitely learning how to Azonto during my summer there (good thing I've got three months to practice!). Once I've got it polished, I'll be sure to post some embarrassing videos of me trying to Azonto. Until then, watch the professionals.

Ha He - Just a Band >> Kenya

Just a Band's music has been described as house, electronic, disco, pop, hip-hop and basically every other genre out there. Regardless of what you consider their music, you can't deny that it is amazing, which is why the last two songs on this list are dedicated to them.

If I Could - Just a Band >> Kenya


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