Alternative Sports in West, Central, and South Africa

There's all sorts of creativeness coming out of Africa, but these are just a few examples of sports-related awesomeness (is that a word? If not, it should be) coming from Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa.

Bikelordz - Ghana
This video gives a glimpse at the Accra-based self-taught trickster cyclists who consider their talent not just a hobby, but a quasi job:
I am practicing everyday. It’s my talent, I don’t play with it, I’m working on it.
This is in the works to becoming a documentary. 
>>HT @TylerPaziuk and Another Africa

Kitintale - Uganda
In 2006, Jackson Mubiro and Shael Swart, two skateboarding enthusiasts, built the first skateboarding ramp in Uganda. In the same year, them and their fellow skateboarders were responsible for building Uganda's first and only skate park. Their love of skateboarding is evident merely in the fact that they all built this skate park without any compensation - now that is dedication!

Bicycle Portraits - South Africa
I love biking. Although I don't do it as often as I would like to, when I do get around to taking my bike along Chicago's lake shore, it's always a calming and gorgeous experience. This is a promo-clip for a book coming out that highlights over 500 South Africans who ride their bikes every day. Clearly these South Africans love their bikes - they sure do have a lovely country to bike around - that's for sure! Looks like a pretty neat book. 


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