C'est la Joie de Vie

It has been two days into my new classes and I'm already bogged down in about 3 pages worth of to-do lists and nearly 1,000 pages to read. Sheesh! So that means posting might be a bit sporadic as I try to stay on top of it all and prepare for leaving for Sierra Leone in 60-ish days.

I've come to realize that my most productive moments are when I'm playing music, and lately I've rediscovered this song by Amadou et Mariam buried deep in my iTunes, and it mentally took me back to my first flight to Sierra Leone 4 years ago where all I listened two were the same three songs by them. The song above, "Africa", is a collaboration between the Malian couple and K'naan, who is Somalian, hence the "East coast West coast collaboration" bit in the beginning of the song. Take a listen to the original version above and check out a remix bellow. Happy Wednesday!

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