More Change a-Coming

So, if you haven't noticed already, the previous blog (Called to Compassion) is no more - R.I.P. I have outgrown the name, the theme...etc. I sometimes go through these existential crisis where I need change, which usually ends with me piercing my nose, getting a tattoo, or changing my area of study - but I decided to be less drastic this time and just change the look, name, and content of my blog.

New content should be coming soon, but in the meantime, I'm fixing up the layout on here, deleting some very old posts (which I now cringe to look at), and working on developing some new content. Said by Red will be more about my journey to becoming an aid worker and the discoveries I make along the way. More content will be devoted to aid work (I know that is a general topic, but I hate limitations), and other randomness related to international studies, political science, development, African studies...etc. Like my ever-changing life, this blog will continue to evolve and I hope one day it will just define itself. 

So sorry for the hiatus (both in the past couple weeks and perhaps for a few more days) as I work out the kinks of this new blog and muster up some inspiration for some decent content. I'm also creating a time-machine which will provide a few extra working hours to each day so that I can update this blog daily. I'll keep you updated on my progress with that.

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  1. Anonymous7.2.12

    Well Red, I think we are all looking forward to see where you are going with this.


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