Bikes are the New Kenyan Taxis

Photos by James Mollison via Design Tripper
There's a quote that I love that goes, "There is always something new out of Africa". I take this to mean that you never quite know what you can expect from the vast and diverse continent. In case you didn't know, Africa isn't all civil wars and famines. There are some pretty innovative ideas coming out of Africa, and this is one of them:

In Kenya, bicycles called boda bodas are becoming the new taxis for many reasons: (1) they are faster, because navigating around Nairobi's traffic can be a bit tedious for some taxis; (2) they are environmentally-friendly; and (3) they are cheaper than traditional taxis, which means that more of the population can afford them. Best of all, they look awesome! Each bike comes equiped with horns, a hand-pumped radio, and an extra large and comfy backseat.

Bike fever hasn't only hit Kenya, but other parts of Africa too, like Ghana (although no nation surpasses China in its bike usage - I know from experience!).

Biking around my city of Chicago is great, and I think it's the best way to experience any city. So I know that next time I'm in Nairobi, I'll be riding boda bodas. 


  1. Anonymous17.2.12

    Yeah Man! We even have a hit song which says if you dont have cash for taxi 'uta-ride bodaboda'. The song dubbed bodaboda can be watched here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2xUtNUrk78

    1. Thanks for reading! Ha ha, that song is great!! Next time I'm in Sierra Leone, I'll bring that song for them and try to spread the idea of boda bodas to the West Coast :)


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