Afternoon Afrobeat (#2): "Tout Ceci Ne Vous Rendra Pas le Congo" by Baloji

I've made several new years resolutions for 2012 and the majority of them have to do with (me in) Africa in some capacity or another. A silly little resolution I've decided on to take some of the stress out of my life is to explore the African music scene more in-depth.  I've been an avid fan of Amadou et Mariam, Ali Farka Toure, Emmanuel Jal, and K'Naan for years, but I think it is time to explore new horizons and extend my knowledge of African musicians past these great artists. 

I think African music in general is great, but I especially love when they have historical or political messages. That's why when I discovered the music of the Congolese-born artist named Baloji, I became especially excited. Nothing quite gets me like Francophone African music - and yes, I am an Afri-nerd. 

Born in Lumumbashi in the late '70s, Baloji (which means 'sorcerer' in Swahili) had a rough childhood characterized by war and the growing-pains of a new nation-state. Baloji has recently emerged on the music scene as a Francophone rapper with Congolese soukous beats mixed with modern lyrics that sometimes have political undertones.

I've put the video of my favorite song above along with English subtitles so that all you non-French-speaking readers can enjoy the meaning behind the lyrics. Besides the awesome video, the song has great lyrics that discuss the history, problems, and Baloji's hopes for the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Listen and enjoy!


  1. Anonymous1.1.12

    You will have to check out Papa Wemba another Congolais sound.

  2. Hey, Al, thanks for the recommendation! I have so many West African artists and so little Central African ones, so I'll be sure to check him out! You might well see him as a recommendation on here soon!
    Take care,


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