My Hidden Passion: Geography?

Just a few examples of my maps. Sadly, this is not an exhaustive list.
The other day, Al over at The Logistics Project explained part of myself that I never quite understood nor could explain - and, surprisingly, he did it all in a little post about geography and work as a logistician for aid organizations

Confession time: I have an obsession with maps. No joke. I've got maps on my walls (I've got to give my friend props for allowing me to cover our apartment walls with my maps). I've got maps on my desk. I've got a map on my feet...maps consume me. On my 24 hour flight to Asia, all I did for the entirety of the flight was watch the map.

I've long attributed this to me being an international studies student. I study the world, so therefore I should like the world (maps). But, thanks to Al and his post, I think he has a better explanation than I.

I am going to be a logistician for aid organizations once I graduate (I'm going to stop using the phrase 'I hope to be...' - power of positive thinking, right?). Although it has yet to be determined (and will likely remain so for some time because of my incurable indecisiveness) what sort of logistical work I will be doing, whether it be logistics of refugee camps, cholera camps, or food distribution; I will be doing something in the field. I've known my work will likely include supply-chain management, manifests, other things not included in my job description, and general badassery; but never did I think that my job might entail geography.

In one of my former international studies courses, my professor joked about how our courses were not as easy as say, geography. A student remarked that all geography is, is studying maps, and we all laughed (this was before we knew our professor graduated with a degree in geography, oops). But I came to realize that geography is more than what meets the eye. I now see that my job will entail a lot of geography. No matter what field I enter, geography - whether that be climate changes, physical terrain, or even human geography - will be part of my work. And now I understand my obsession with maps. Perhaps I've always been destined to be a logistician?

Since I'm forced to remain in college yet another year for the sole reason to gain credit hours, I'm determined to make use of my useless credit hours that I'm required to take (and pay exorbitant amounts of money for), in order to better help myself become marketable and useful to the organizations that I will (see, I replaced 'hope' again!) work for.
I've already started flipping through the geography course offerings and found that the majority of them appeal to me. I suppose geography has always been my hidden passion! Although there are still many things I have yet to explain and understand about myself - like where did my red hair and freckles come from, mom? - I'm glad that this mystery has been solved!


  1. Anonymous8.3.12

    How is your gegographing going??

  2. No geography classes yet (but the passion is still going strong!), but I will start next fall with two of them, one on GIS and another on migration flows! Thanks for all your tips! I'm looking forward to them!


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