Desert, Commies, and Dictators: Mapping Stereotypes

Common Stereotypes
(I've never heard of the stereotype of Canadians being vegetarians, but it only makes me want to be Canadian even more)
Different variations of these maps are circling around Twitter and Facebook like crazy lately, but I found these maps by Alphadesigner to be the funniest I've seen. We all have our perceived stereotypes of other countries, and they have theirs of us, but usually we are too reserved to say them out-loud. Never fear, these maps put on paper the common stereotypes in all their falsity (or accuracy in some cases?) for the whole world to enjoy. I thought that with all the heartwarming news (note the sarcasm) out during this holiday season about the regime change in North Korea, the raids on NGOs in Cairo, Christmas church bombings in Nigeria, and MSF staff being shot in Somalia, we could all use a good laugh. So enjoy a good laugh at the expense of...well, everyone!
With the exception of the 'Friendly Dictators' in N. Africa (which can now be debated), I think this is pretty accurate portrayal of American geopolitical thinking.
Scarily accurate of American stereotypes of Asia. Especially the '-stan' countries and East Africa.
I particularly enjoy the "Big Schengen Crack" and "Al-Jazeera"


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