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A Mosaic of Languages
I've studied French for eight years now and I'm completely in love with everything about it. It was never too difficult for me to learn French, perhaps because I was able to relate many words back to English. But every time I was in French class I would think about what a pain it would be to learn English. Fortunately, as a native English speaker, I never had to decode the complexities of the English language, but for those of you whose second/third/fourth language is English, my heart goes out to you because I don't even understand it sometimes!

English has evolved drastically over the centuries. Unlike French which is regulated by the Académie Française (a body that decides on which new words to add to the French vocabulary), English is constantly changing and new words are being created everyday because of the internet and globalization. But have you ever wondered where English came from? How did it all begin?

Although the videos below really have nothing to do with humanitarian aid or the various crisis I could be writing about today (Somalia, Norway, Sudan...) I figured we could all use a bit of a break, a laugh, a moment to escape all the sucky news (I know, surprising coming from the girl who is known to always have a depressing statistic about the developing world for anyone who asks!). So as a break from my 'regular programming', I'm steering a bit off topic (but still sort of internationally related) to discover the history of the English language in 10 minutes. Each video below has a witty explanation of the evolution of English with clever animations and sprinkles of sarcasm. Enjoy!

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