Guns, Pencils, and MDGs

Source: The Guardian
Well you all probably know by now that I do a bit of moonlighting over at the wonderful education nonprofit Givology (and if you didn't, now you do). I've done two posts recently: hot off the press and published tonight is about the newly independent nation South Sudan (I love being able to say that!) and the challenges that lie ahead for their education system. My slightly older, but no less important, post is about the Millennium Development Goals, specifically the one dealing with universal access to primary education and its progress and failures

The folks over at Givology and I would love it if you checked my posts out. And if you wanted to be an overachiever, think about donating to help a student get through school! Thanks for the support!

As a side note, I must say I'm quite proud of myself. Here I was m.i.a. for far too many months and now look at this writing fiend I've become while still working two jobs and taking summer school! But with good news comes bad: I'm leaving for an adventure through Asia in a week and might take a short break while over there. But who knows, maybe I'll keep surprising myself (but it depends on how much love I'm feeling from all you readers - if you keep stumbling, facebooking, twittering my posts I'll assure you that I'll take no break!)


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