The Risk of Childbirth

Maternal Mortality Ratios (Source: P.A.P Blog)
I recently did two posts about maternal mortality for CAAGLOP's blogs. One discovers the risk that childbirth poses for women in developing countries:
"It’s already 2011 which means that the U.N. Millennium Development Goals have only four more years to be (theoretically) completed. One of the eight goals that he U.N has set out to accomplish has been to reduce the maternal mortality ratio and to have universal access to reproductive health services. A U.N. report on the issue of maternal health states that 350,000 women die annually during pregnancy or birth with the majority of them (99%) occur in developing nations. The disparity between maternal mortality rates in developing nations and developed nations is huge – In sub-Sahara Africa, 1 in 30 women die from pregnancy or childbirth while in developed nations the risk is only 1 in 5,600!..."  (read the rest here)
The other blog post includes two videos on the topic of maternal mortality. One follows Nicholas Kristof on a trip to Sierra Leone to view the effects of maternal mortality while the other is a short video produced by UNICEF which discuss the reasons for maternal mortality, the impact it has, and how it can be combated. (Read the full post here)


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