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The Chicago 'Snowpocalypse' of 2011
Things have been a bit crazy for me here during my new quarter at college. Besides trying to manage all my school work, I've been working on figuring out my post-college life. Yeah, I know - I still have four more years to freak out about that but nothing like thinking in advanced right?!

First things first - As I've mentioned several times before, I'm a volunteer for the student sponsorship organization called Givology. Recently they did a feature on me on their blog. If you want to know a bit more about me, why and how I got interested in social justice, and how I believe education can help make a difference in the world, then check out their interview with me on their blog! And if you are interested to see how you might be able to help sponsor students' education, teacher training, or supporting a village school then take a look at Givology and see how you might be able to make a difference by either donating to the cause or writing letters of encouragement to students!

Alright, next bit of news: I was just accepted as an online blogger for an awesome London-based NGO called The Center for African Affairs and Global Peace (CAAGLOP). So now in addition to writing for this (my own personal blog), I will also be writing for CAAGLOP's blog on a fairly regular basis on a variety of topics ranging from human rights, democracy, war and crisis, peace building, health, education and any other issues relating to Africa and the developing world. My first post for them was on the political situation occurring in Ivory Coast. Please support CAAGLOP by engaging in dialogue on their facebook page and on their blog!

Those are the two biggest tidbits of information that have happened in my life recently. Besides that, I'm keeping busy with school and thoroughly enjoying my classes this quarter and anxiously anticipating three of my classes that I'll be taking next quarter (one on political conflict and human rights issues in South America, another on African politics, and a third on ethnic conflict in the third world). I'm writing a paper for my humanitarian aid class in the next coming weeks that is looking to discover all the reasons why civilians are targeted in conflict in developing nations. I've learned a lot from the research I've done so far, so be expecting some upcoming posts on civilians being targeted in conflict in the next coming weeks. 

Finally, let me say that I survived the Chicago snowpocalypse of 2011. The other night the most insane snow storm I've ever live through happened. I spent the night braving the 60 mile an hour winds outside, a snow tornado, and thunder-snow. Classes at my college were canceled for the first time since the 1960s, but unfortunately Caribou Coffee wasn't closed so I was forced to go to work. I suppose people need their coffee despite the worst snowstorm in three decades. Go figure!

Well, be expecting some more posts coming up. Believe me, I've got them coming! Midterms are slowly passing so I've got more time to spend blogging. Now that I'm blogging for CAAGLOP, I tend to be channeling the 'blogging mentality' every second now. So stay tuned!


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