Haiti - One Year On

Source: New York Times
Last year I was devastated to find out that a huge humanitarian disaster occurred on my birthday. Wanting nothing more than to hop on a direct flight to Port-au-Prince, I was instead forced to sit and watch myT.V. in horror as images of death, destruction, and disease appeared on my screen.

The catastrophe in Haiti was no small disaster; according to MSF, 222,000 people were killed in the earthquake and 1.5 million people were left homeless. The situation only intensified when a cholera epidemic broke out at the end of 2010. MSF treated 91,000 people out of the 171,300 reported with cholera. 

Haiti is still in ruins. Disease still knocks on every door. The aftermath of last year's earthquake will probably forever be seen throughout the nation, even if the rebuilding process were to begin soon. In the coming months and years, it will remain vital to continue building and fixing infrastructure as well as providing healthcare to those in need. In disasters like this, disease is easily contractible and can turn rapidly into an epidemic. MSF and other NGOs have thus far done a great job at helping the tiny nation rebuild given the difficult circumstances they have had to face. If you want a more in-depth review of the past year in Haiti, I'd recommend reading MSF's report on the evolving situation in Haiti.


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