The Impact of Social Media

Earlier in the year I discussed the 10 worst countries to be a blogger (burma, Iran, Syria, Cuba...etc). Why is blogging such a crime in some countries? Because the citizens could then tell what is really happening behind the scenes of places where journalists aren't allowed and journalism is censored. 

It's not just blogging that scares dictators and the governments of many nations, but social media in all forms. 

Social media has become a platform for human rights activists. Easy communication has facilitated the spread of ideas and information. Take for example the Green Revolution in Iran over a year ago - news of the protests swept twitter. Scary for Ahmadinejad? I think so. 

That is why when I heard of the International Society for Human Right's new ad campaign to raise awareness of the strength and power of social media, I had to crack a smile. I enjoy clever ad campaigns, especially when they raise awareness of lesser known issues. ISHR's campaign seeks to make known the potential that social media has to make a different in the world of human rights. What scares dictators more than mice? Why, white computer mice of course!


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